Wednesday, July 9, 2008

there is a lot of catching up to do

Some how (no one can guess I am sure) the blogging has, lets say, gotten away from me. I could come up with all sorts of excuses, but really when it boils down to it, laziness is probably the answer.

Much has happened. Some fantastic things, some horrid things. I'll get the horrid over first. About a month ago we lost our dear kitty Apollo. He was the quite possibly the most fantastic, fabulous cat ever and I can only thank God (seriously) that he came into my life. Hubs, Penny and I miss him dearly and are still trying to cope with his loss. He deserves a post all onto himself but I don't think I have it in me.

This horrible thing came on the heals of a wonderful spring. Many good things have happened in our lives and some of them I really cannot speak about yet. But the big hint is that we will be moving in early 2009 and it is to the one place we most wanted to move. (More to come on this front.)

In other news, the crafty goodness is going well:

I SOLD YARN!!!! YARN THAT I MADE!!!! I am still in disbelief over this fact. I made Cub Scout from a batt of Romney wool that I washed, dyed and carded. But it was...well....a little too Cub Scout-y for me. It was, however, very nicely spun and it sold within 5 minutes!!!!!! Thus I am shocked! (Well not really) that the other two handspuns I've listed on Etsy haven't sold. Oh well, their listing is up at the end of the month and I will simply keep them if they haven't sold. Especially the Regal Rhenium...I have kept one skein of it and I absolutely love it! Here is the Etsy site for all of you (where you can see the sold yarn, plus what's currently for sale, I'll also post it in the links): Mad Scientist Creations!

I'm up to my eyeballs in other unfinished projects. I've several sweaters, socks, scarves, skirts, etc. on the needles. I need to finish these things soon!

In addition I am taking a pottery class from the Community Ed program. I am really enjoying it and mainly using the manual kick wheel! I love that I can do this w/o any electricity coming into the equation. In addition, it's a pretty good work out.

Speaking of a good workout and in effort to save money/the planet, Hubs and I have purchased new bikes for the express purpose of riding into work. It's about a 7-8 mile round trip and we're going strong, riding in most days.

Our garden experiments have been going well too. Thus far we've harvested spinach, lettuce, beats, green and pole beans. Currently we have sunflower seeds, cucumbers, corn, peppers, (hopefully squash) and my favorite, tomatoes, coming in!!!

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