Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goats are grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Since I went to yarn school this past September I've been really interested in goats. Well, to be honest, my interest started before then. I love goats cheese of several varieties (I am a little Greek girl after all.) But at yarn school I met some lovely pygora goats (a pygmy/angora cross) from Laura's Pygoras and learned that my friend Sarah (who was one of the instructors at yarn school) also has these cute little guys. Marissa and I are also doing a fiber CSA through Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and I can't wait to see the mohair we're going to get for our spinning projects.

So I've decided that the next place Hubs and I move to has to have a little land because we are GETTING GOATS! I would like a small dairy herd and a fiber herd. But as most of you know, my loyal readers, I am not exactly well versed in the farming arts. Currently I am reading this, but that doesn't give me hands on training....So I asked my friend Kris (who works at my University) if I could spend some time on her dairy goat farm. She was very enthusiastic. Last Saturday was my first day on the farm. I learned a lot and had the opportunity to be there as two little doelings came into the world. I can't wait to go back.

The Girls Laying in the Hay

Miracle the Mama and Her Two Kids

Miranda and Mike Take a Snooze

Fidget (Mama) Welcomes Gidget and DellaMae into the World

DellaMae Is Up on All Fours

Chiffon and Rayon Say "Welcome" to Fidget's Girls

Briana the Guard Dog in Training Loves a Pet or Two


caracolina said...

It is funny how the bug struck us all at the same time at Yarn School. I also got a share at the MV fiber CSA and I also found friends with a goat herd (albeit dairy only). Yesterday I had the chance to bottle-feed a kid from a doe of one of their neighbors who had triplets and not enough milk - too precious. Can't wait for more goat lessons as the kidding starts for real. There are also some expecting mares so that should be interesting as well. Greetings from sunny AZ, Caroline

Zoe said...

Thanks Caroline for stopping by and dropping a note! Glad to hear you are into goats as well!!! Isn't life funny like this.

Hope all is well with you in AZ!