Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spinning for a sweater

Knitting has taken a bit of a haitus this week. Instead I have been spinning quite a bit in the hopes of making enough yarn for a sweater for Hubs. I am making it out of paradise fiber's Columbia/Dorset blend. That I've dyed. I am calling the colorway Lithium Lichen. (I've taken to a periodic table theme for my hand dyed yarns) I think I am going to make him a bottom up raglan, with some cable detailing....we'll see. It's not spun as evenly as I'd like it to be but hopefully it will even up a bit in the finishing. This is my greatest challenge in life...the finishing. I will spin up the yarns, ply them, take them of the bobbins, but I just can't seem to finish anything. I'm the same with laundry. I'll wash, dry, and fold and leave it in the basket for 2 months.

Unfortunately in the picture above you really can't see the variety in the colors....thus here are some singles:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

thar she grows

Progress has been made on the sock front. I am now to the part of the pattern where I am supposed to be beginning the decreases, but I may or may not begin them. The reasoning is that I am actually now at the biggest part of my calf and may want to start them the next cable pattern around. The other reason is that I realized I am not on gauge. I am knitting 9 stitches per inch instead of 8. This means that the sock is smaller than I had planned on (although it still fits amazingly) And no I didn't do a gauge swatch....because I am I don't know if it's the yarn or the knitting...probably both.

front and side of sock
back and side of sock
I also began some dying last night for a homespun handknit sweater for hubs. This is the roving pre-oven. When it came out ther e was way too much white , so the next batch (there are 4) is going to have to have more color.

Monday, January 21, 2008

a little spinning

This weekends activities were many and few at the same time. Progress was made on the sock (although not as much as I'd like, thus no picture.) Some yarn was spun (though not all the fiber.) I had intended to dye some roving for a sweater for hubs, but the closest I got to that was to soak the roving in a bucket of water. Maybe I'll decide to do it tonight.

Meanwhile, I made some sort of concoction that turned out pretty tasty! (But then I'd just eat tomato sauce straight if it were acceptable!)

Homemade tomato sauce with spaghetti squash

two of these bats (Cobalt Cloud) were combined with two white bats (approx. 4 oz) and the resulting plied yarn (I think I may make mittens out of it!)

Friday, January 18, 2008

me and my poor eyesight

I just noticed how crappy my pics are looking. I will remedy this!!!

keep on blogging!

Last night I began a great adventure in the art of knitting. I cast on for my first pair of socks! I am knitting them in my own hand-dyed yarn (well it's Knit Picks yarn, and Country Classics' dye.) The dying was a bit disastrous (it was dyed thrice,) the winding was a bit disastrous (see photos below,) and Apollo spent an hour last night trying to eat my size 1 dpns (whilst I was trying to use them of course.) But I now have 1 inch of ribbing or so for this.

Trouble in the dye pot! After two dye jobs, I noticed this. (Yarn Knit Picks bare 70% merino/30% silk, dye Country Classics raspberry)

Hubs valiantly tries to untangle the mess

Socklings on the needles!!!!!