Friday, January 18, 2008

keep on blogging!

Last night I began a great adventure in the art of knitting. I cast on for my first pair of socks! I am knitting them in my own hand-dyed yarn (well it's Knit Picks yarn, and Country Classics' dye.) The dying was a bit disastrous (it was dyed thrice,) the winding was a bit disastrous (see photos below,) and Apollo spent an hour last night trying to eat my size 1 dpns (whilst I was trying to use them of course.) But I now have 1 inch of ribbing or so for this.

Trouble in the dye pot! After two dye jobs, I noticed this. (Yarn Knit Picks bare 70% merino/30% silk, dye Country Classics raspberry)

Hubs valiantly tries to untangle the mess

Socklings on the needles!!!!!

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