Tuesday, January 22, 2008

thar she grows

Progress has been made on the sock front. I am now to the part of the pattern where I am supposed to be beginning the decreases, but I may or may not begin them. The reasoning is that I am actually now at the biggest part of my calf and may want to start them the next cable pattern around. The other reason is that I realized I am not on gauge. I am knitting 9 stitches per inch instead of 8. This means that the sock is smaller than I had planned on (although it still fits amazingly) And no I didn't do a gauge swatch....because I am lazy....so I don't know if it's the yarn or the knitting...probably both.

front and side of sock
back and side of sock
I also began some dying last night for a homespun handknit sweater for hubs. This is the roving pre-oven. When it came out ther e was way too much white , so the next batch (there are 4) is going to have to have more color.

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