Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the beginning....

First things first.

I am nowhere near divine. I am not pretending that I am. What I've always appreciated about the ancient gods and goddesses, however, is their ability to be both divine and imperfect. It is such a Romantic notion to find perfection in the imperfection. This blog will not be divinely perfect, I am sure it will often be boring, often dull, but like any decent diary hopefully it will have a few interesting things to reflect on.

So who am I? (Who do I think I am? May be a better question.) I am a relatively youngish woman (can I just say here that I hate the prevalence of women/ladies being called "females" this day and age) living in the South (but not native to it) and pursuing my Ph.D. in neuroscience. I promise to try to not bore anyone with ramblings about what I do at work (I say this knowing full well that I will). I am married (here after known as Hubs), no kids (yet), a dog (Penelope, but we call her Penny) a cat (Apollo). (Oh and I really like parentheses.)

My friends, especially my girlfriends from college, have always found me quite amusing when it comes to my extracurricular activities. I've always been a bit domestic. Some of it is fairly self explanatory: food is very important to Greek culture it makes sense for a little Greek girl to grow up in the kitchen with her Mama and Yiayia (grandma -- although my Yiayia really isn't a good cook). Some a little crazy (but in a good way): requesting crystal wine goblets for 16th birthday; baking 12 or so loaves of bread in ones dorm room; driving down the road, one hand on the wheel, one holding a freaking heavy piece of plywood that is hanging out the back of ones car all in the name of making a padded headboard (well that was a bit dangerous). Some I still don't accept as crazy although others have told me that I was: catering the majority of my wedding, doing the flowers, etc.

So this blog is dedicated to the domestic "arts" in my life. The current list is:

knitting (which I have become way too obsessed with as you shall soon see)
sewing (well not really, as I still haven't finished project no. 1)

*photo taken while on tree top walk somewhere in Victoria, Australia

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